Fog Annakhel

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Jacquard Woven Blanket 
100% Cotton (25% recycled)
54in x 72in — 137 cm x 182 cm 

“Above the Palm Trees” is an old Iraqi traditional song, belonging to the Maqam Al-Hijaz, and it’s considered one of the most beautiful Baghdadi folk songs sung by people during gatherings and occasions.

Many singers, both amateurs and professionals, Arab and non-Arab, have performed it, but the first to sing it and contribute to its fame on the Arab level was the great singer Nazem Al-Ghazali, who passed away in 1963. It is said to be one of the oldest melodies of Mulla Othman Al-Mosuli, and it was originally a religious chant titled “Above the Throne Above.” فوق العرش فوق

This masterpiece has a story that many may not know.The Iraqi cultural magazine “Al-Kardinya” addressed this topic: Once, a polite young man from the bachelors of Baghdad occupied the ground floor in one of the traditional Baghdadi houses. He caught a glimpse of a beautiful girl peeking from the upper floor, and he was captivated by her beauty. He began to sing with his beautiful voice, repeating the phrase “We have a friend/sweetheart above.” فوق إلنا خِل
As the event repeated day after day and the residents participated in singing in their Baghdadi accent, the phrase “Above us, a sweetheart or a friend above” turned into “Above the palm trees above,” as the word “us” merged with “sweetheart” to become “palm trees.”  فوق إلنخل